On April 22-24, 2019, we'll hold the Traffic Server Summit in Beijing, China.  On the 25th we will also have a hackaton at the same location.  This will be our fist summit to be held in Asia and will be hosted by SkyGuard.

Please email me (oknet@apache.org) if you need the invitation letter for China visa. I will send you an invitation letter template, please fill it out and send it back to me, and then I will send you a scanned copy in PDF format.

When and Where

April 22-24, 2019 - Summit

April 25th, 2019 - Hackaton

April 26th, 2019 - Social Event


Room 8660 Build 8 Hongda Industrial Area
No.8 North Hongda Road
Yi Zhuang Area
Beijing 100176 China

(北京市大兴区宏达北路8号 宏达工业园永昌8号科技广场8660)


Visa Process

  1. Contact Oknet (oknet@apache.org) and ask for invitation letter
    1. He will send you a letter, fill it out, and send it back
    2. He will sign and stamp the letter and send it back
  2. While waiting for the invitation letter go to CIBT (https://cibtvisas.com) and fill out the forms for a Chinese Visa - there is a special link for Verizon Media
    1. Not recommended to use concierge service it costs $350 extra
    2. They will email a PDF with forms to fill out, read the directions carefully
    3. You will need to have your flight and hotel information
    4. Use the invitation letter from Oknet and print out your flight and hotel confirmation to send with the paperwork (CIBT asks for more information to be in the invitation letter, but this worked for me)
    5. Fill out the forms and Fedex them with passport to CIBT
    6. It took me (Bryan) 5 days for them to process the paperwork, including the embassy time, not including shipping (extra 2 days) 

Suggested Hotels

Pullman - https://www.booking.com/hotel/cn/pullman-beijing-south.html

(北京兴基铂尔曼饭店   Address - 北京市大兴区荣华南路12号)

Holiday Inn Express - https://www.booking.com/hotel/cn/holiday-inn-express-beijing-yizhuang.html

(智选假日酒店(北京亦庄店) Address - 北京市大兴区荣华南路10号院1号楼)



Registration Form

To RSVP please fill out the form below. Note that the signup is not binding, but we ask you to only sign up if you really intend to go. If you need to be removed from the signup, just inform bcall@apache.org.

Confirmed Attendees

Call for Topics

If you have topics you would like to discuss, please email summits@trafficserver.apache.org before March 22nd midnight.


SkyGuard is graciously hosting the event.

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