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The TrafficServer Meetup is a free, open to the public session at ApacheCon, on the evening of Tuesday November 3 at 8pm in room 4. It is an informal session for people interested in hearing about the podling project.

We'll (likely – this is a strawman) talk about

  • What is the TrafficServer
  • A feature overview
  • A performance overview
  • The projects history
  • Why Yahoo chose to open source the server
  • An architecture overview
  • How to get started with the project

Update: Here are the slides that were presented (with a bit of additional detail to the benchmark slide as that generated a fair amount of questions)

We'll also be accepting suggestions for topics on the night if there is enough time.

Suggested Topics

If you have something specific you would like to learn about at the MeetUp, email zwoop <at>


2-6 November 2009 (meetup is on the evening of the 3rd)
Oakland, CA

Committers in attendance

  • Miles Libbey
  • Leif Hedstrom
  • Bryan Call
  • Andrew Hsu
  • (list not complete)