The following people have indicated they will be present at ApacheCon 07 Europe

  • Juergen Hoffmann
  • Siegfried Goeschl
  • Henning Schmiedehausen
  • Thomas Vandahl

Hackathon possibilities

I personally (Scott) will not be in attendance, but from the mailing list I believe it would be beneficial to discuss and/or act upon the following:

  • CodeWrestler - Turbine and Fulcrum ([OT] and JCS) need to have their license headers updated.

  • Yaafi 1.0.5 - Siegfried wants to push out a Yaafi release in advance of committing further changes. Updating the license headers is a prerequisite task.
  • Turbine 2.3.3 - Thomas has indicated his desire to get a Turbine 2.3.3 release out in the near future. Again, updating the license headers is a prerequisite task.
  • Maven 2 builds - The general consensus is that we would like to move to using Maven 2 for our builds. To avoid delays with other planned releases this should not be committed until after the above mentioned Yaafi and Turbine releases.
  • Containers - Avalon, ECM, Excalibur, Fortress, Yaafi - it seems to me the the four people listed above are the ones most likely to be able to come up with a good list of arguments for the various options so that we then discuss the most practical path forward.
  • Turbine 2.4 - What needs to be done and in what order.

If that lot doesn't keep you busy I don't know what will!

Thoughts and more names are most welcome.

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