Apache Turbine Project Board Report, February 2020

The mission of Turbine is the creation and maintenance of software related to a
Java Servlet Web Application Framework and associated component library.

Turbine is a matured and well established framework that is used as the
base of many other projects. It allows experienced Java developers to
quickly build web applications.

No board-level issues currently.

Membership Data
Apache Turbine was founded 2007-05-16 (13 years ago)
There are currently 11 committers and 9 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 6:5.

Community changes, past quarter
- No new PMC members. Last addition was Jeffery Painter on 2017-11-12.
- No new committers were added.

Project Activity
- Code changes in components are on low/medium level.
- Continuing last quarter efforts the main focus has been on preparing the
upstream related project Apache Torque 4.1 (version label may be changed to
5.0) before the next Turbine/Fulcrum 5.1 releases.
- Last quarters backlog / discussion are still in follow-up work/work in
- No releases were done this quarter.
- Last main project was Turbine 5.0 Core release on Tue May 28 2019.

Community Health
- Some PMC members are currently more active in related project Db/Torque, this
slows down the development process in this project.
- Turbine is at its core a user/group/role-based web application - it
is very well-defined and definitely should not be considered as outdated.
Moving Turbine core to Git (rw) may be one step, but to signal more
recentness this may be also achieved by improving the front page
(more responsive, text and design updates).

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