As a top-level project (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation (see TLPTurbine) we will be required to report to the board about our activity on a quarterly basis. A new TLP is also required to report monthly for the first three months of its existence. These reports are to be publicly available.

Reports are normally written by the PMC Chair, with contributions from the PMC and community. Each quarter (and month initially) we will need to draft the report on the Wiki. When the report is submitted to the board we will need to move it to a more permanent location on the Turbine website. If you have a contribution that is to be considered private, please email it directly to the Velocity PMC.

As we are in the process of putting our TLP proposal together I consider it prudent of us to commence putting these reports together now. In the short term these can go to the Jakarta PMC as part of their quarterly reports to the board, but also they should demonstrate that we have assembled an active and healthy group of committers capable of operating as a TLP.

BoardReportTemplate - this is an altered version of the Velocity board report template (Velocity became a TLP not so long ago).

Pending Reports

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