DAS Java Beta2 Release (Oct. 06, 2007)

What's new in Apache Tuscany DAS beta2?

The main purpose of the DAS beta2 release is to fix incompatibilities that were found with SDO 1.0 release.

The following JIRAs also were fixed on DAS beta2

  • TUSCANY-986 - DAS integration with SDO 2.1 APIs
  • TUSCANY-961 - DAS: Using deprected SDO method causes Type lookup failure
  • TUSCANY-1353 - Exception attempting to insert rows using DAS w/DataDirect JDBC driver
  • TUSCANY-1453 - DAS can't read or write the blob field
  • TUSCANY-1463 - Support for Clob and Array fields
  • TUSCANY-1462 - Consistent use of Parameters in Config
  • TUSCANY-1464 - Wrong query results when SELECT misses PKs
  • TUSCANY-1465 - Allow passing ResultDescriptor for dynamic Commands
  • TUSCANY-1720 - Modify sample readmes for - steps to run sample with other databases

Download DAS Java Beta2


Linux / Mac OS X / Unix

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