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User Feedback

This page contains feedback from users who would like to share their experience with others about Apache Tusany when used in production environment.

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Thank you for sharing information.

IBM Software Group

Feedback email thread

IBM Software Group is using the Apache Tuscany project to deliver a Java implementation of SCA 1.0 to its WebSphere Application Server customers," said Erik P. Kristiansen, WebSphere Product Manager of IBM Software Group. "Delivered as an optional product extension, the IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture v1.0 is available at http://www.ibm.com/websphere/was/sca .

Erik P. Kristiansen,
WebSphere Product Manager of IBM Software Group

Primeton Technologies Ltd

Feedback email thread
Using tuscany to help our leading banking customers to fullfil the SOA architecture and business component specification :

Primeton has done a consulting service for one of China Leading Financial Service Company, to help them to fulfil the SOA architecture, Business Component Specifications and the Container Implementation. Now the Enterprise architecture, business component specifications and container implementation have been approved to be used in all the Enterprise-wide applications in the future.

Chris Cheng
VP of Primeton Technologies Ltd.

Amdocs, OSS division

Feedback email thread
Amdocs is the leading supplier of customer experience systems service
providers worldwide. Within Amdocs, the OSS Division has adopted Tuscany
as the SCA implementation at the heart of its solution for delivery of
SOA services for Cramer6 OSS Suite.

The current release of the Cramer6 OSS Suite provide both out-of-the-box
SOA services as well as tools allowing the creation of new OSS-specific
SOA services. These services are built on top of the Tuscany runtime and
allow Amdocs customers to integrate their existing systems with Cramer6
OSS Suite services using whatever technology is appropriate. Thus,
customers may access the services through any appropriate transport
mechanism and from any "native" or SCA based client. They can also
publish new services that can be accessed over a variety of different
transport mechanisms with minimal recoding.

"SCA has helped us to widen our support for SOA by giving us a mechanism
to create SOA Services" said DAVE ETTLE, Senior Vice President, Products
& Technology "We believe Tuscany provides the most appropriate SCA
runtime implementation for our needs".

Amdocs intends to continue to use SCA/Tuscany for its OSS applications.

Steve Chamberlain
Principal Architect, Platform & Architecture Group

Deloitte Inc. , Aug. 2007

Feedback email thread

Currently working for a consulting firm with a major financial services Institute in Canada to implement a mix of retail and commercial banking services. We plan to go into production by the end of this quarter, we have finished the majority of implementation, conducted functional and performance testing (with very good results) and plan to do a limited deployment with a small subset of users within a couple of months. We are currently deploying Tuscany on websphere 6.1, Solaris 10, and taking advantage of a combination of Web services bindings/SDO as well as local/spring bindings.

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