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Table of Contents

1. Running Tuscany with Equinox

The Tuscany distribution is ready to be started as an Equinox runtime.

You can simply go into the "modules" directory in the distribution and type the following command:

java -jar osgi-3.5.0-v20090520.jar -clean -console -configuration ..\features\configuration

2. Running Tuscany with Felix

Download Apache Felix distribution

You can download the latest version of Felix distribution from Unzip it into a directoy such as felix-2.0.1.

The following bundles can be found in felix-2.0.1\bundle directory:

  • org.apache.felix.bundlerepository-1.4.2.jar

Please download additional bundles into felix-2.0.1\bundle directory:

To run the web console, you need more bundles:

  • org.apache.felix.http.api-2.0.2.jar
  • org.apache.felix.http.base-2.0.2.jar
  • org.apache.felix.http.bundle-2.0.2.jar
  • org.apache.felix.http.jetty-2.0.2.jar
  • org.apache.felix.metatype-1.0.4.jar
  • org.apache.felix.prefs-1.0.4.jar
  • org.apache.felix.scr-1.0.8.jar
  • org.apache.felix.eventadmin-1.0.0.jar
  • org.apache.felix.webconsole-2.0.0.jar

Add Tuscany bundles

Copy all bundles (jars and folders) under the modules directory of Tuscany distribution to felix-2.0.1\load.
Remove the following Equinox jars from felix-2.0.1\load:

  • osgi-3.5.0-v20090520.jar
  • services-3.2.0-v20090520-1800.jar
  • common-3.5.0-v20090520-1800.jar

Alternatively, Tuscany also provides aggregate jars which simplify the use of Tuscany by minimizing the number of jars required. For this exercise the single base jar includes everything necessary so that single jar can be used in the Felix bundle directory. The releases of this jar can be found in the Maven repository here or the latest development snaphosts here.

Start felix

java -jar bin\felix.jar

Install OSGi remote service sample bundles

-> install file:///C:/Tuscany-2.x/java/sca/samples/dosgi-dynamic-calculator/target/sample-dosgi-dynamic-calculator.jar
Bundle ID: 205
-> start 205
-> install file:///C:\Tuscany-2.x/java/sca/samples/dosgi-dynamic-calculator-operations/target/sample-dosgi-dynamic-calculator-operations.jar
Bundle ID: 206
-> start 206

Now, the distributed OSGi calculator is available as a Web service at http://rfengt61p:8086/CalculatorService. You can see the WSDL in a browser with URL: http://rfengt61p:8086/CalculatorService?wsdl.

You can now use a web service client such as Eclipse Web Service explorer to invoke the calculator.

A JAX-WS client

You can download a JAX-WS client for the calculator sample and run:
java -jar sample-calculator-jaxws-client.jar expression
The expression can be like 1.0+2.0, 2.0/1.0, 3.5-2.0, or 1.0x2.0

For more information on Tuscany's implementation of OSGi remote services, see: OSGi Remote Services with Tuscany SCA.ppt