Instructions for Committers

This page collects instructions for various operations that committers may need to do.

How to update the website HTML content

How to update the javadocs on the website

  • Check out all of the uimaj code from SVN (see
  • cd into the uimaj directory
  • execute mvn install javadoc:javadoc. This will generate the javadocs under uimaj/target/site/apidocs.
  • zip up the apidocs directory into a file (Make sure the zip file contains the apidocs directory itself, not just its contents.)
  • scp to in the /www/ directory.
  • ssh to and cd to /www/
  • be sure file is group writable (you can do this with chmod g+w
  • execute rm -rf apidocs to delete the old apidocs directory
  • unzip to create the updated apidocs directory
  • Wait up to 4 hours for the sync to take place to the real website
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