User groups are a convenient way to manage access for a larger number of users.

There are a few types of groups, either manually created or Federated that are populated through LDAP or another source.

This guide discusses how to manually create groups

Step-by-step guide

With the appropriate administration permissions, you will see an option called Manage Groups

  1. Select the Manage Groups
  2. Under the User Groups section, select Add New User Group

  3. In the Add User Group dialogue

  4. Fill in the appropriate fields
    1. Name: can be any name that makes sense, no special char
    2. Owner: Either your current logged in id or another staff member
    3. Editableby: For membership management - Either "None@" or can be a user group of IT staff or assistants
    4. Initial Max Time: max time allowed for initial reservation creation for user group
    5. Total Max Time: total time allowed for reservation created by users in this group
    6. Max Extend time: max time allowed per extension for users in this group
    7. Max Overlapping Reservations: Defines how many concurrent reservations members in this group can make. Does not apply to single images.
      i.e. a specific user group named "50 Reservations" has the Max Overlapping Reservations set to 50.

  5.  Click the Add Group to submit