This page explains how to use a php package called phpseclib to remove the requirement of mcrypt. phpseclib will use mcrypt functions if it is installed but will use native php to implement the encryption if it is not installed.

Here are the steps to remove the dependency:

  • Download phpseclib to /tmp (version 0.2.2 was used for testing)

    cd /tmp

  • Create a directory named phpseclib in your .ht-inc directory

    mkdir /var/www/html/vcl/.ht-inc/phpseclib

  • unzip phpseclib in the phpseclib directory

    cd /var/www/html/vcl/.ht-inc/phpseclib
    unzip /tmp/

  • Download no_mcrypt.patch to your .ht-inc directory

    cd /var/www/html/vcl/.ht-inc

  • Apply the patch

    patch < no_mcrypt.patch

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