There is a section of the VCL web interface that allows users to set some settings related to interacting with the VCL system.

Personal Information

Personal information about a the user is displayed here. First and last names are displayed as well as email address. A preferred name can be set here if so desired.

RDP Preferences

This section allows users to control the setting delivered in the RDP file sent when clicking on the Get RDP File button in a Connect dialog. Also, users can set the port used for RDP when connecting to Windows based reservations. This setting cannot be changed while a user has any reservations.

General Preferences

General Preferences is where user specific settings are configured that don't have a good place elsewhere in the web interface.

View User Groups controls what user groups show up in drop down lists throughout the web interface where user groups may be selected. There are two options:

  • - This option masks any user groups from other affiliations from showing up. For multi-site installations, it is often helpful to hide all of the user groups from other affiliations to simplify the web interface.
  • - This option allows user groups from any affiliation to show up in the web interface. There are parts of the site where only user groups a user has certain access to are displayed. There are other parts of the site where all user groups are displayed for selection.

Send email notifications about reservations controls the sending of emails to users when notable events related to their reservations occur. These are things like a reservation becoming ready for connection and some warnings when a reservation is about to end. There are two available options: Enabled and Disabled.

Use public key authentication for SSH logins and Public keys control the configuration of public key authentication being used for Linux images.


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