I just began learning Wicket a couple of days ago. While the javadocs and examples are excellent, and the overview gives a good idea of what the framework is trying to accomplish, I've had a hard time finding out specifically how to do some common tasks. I intend to populate this page with a list of tutorials/walkthroughs/explanations as I learn more.

Please add any appropriate material as you see fit, if it fits the description of this index.

1. Dealing with conditional content.

Are you sure that this wouldn't be better off as part of the Reference Library, i.e. Reference library#How to do things in Wicket? - Gwyn 13:28, 9 Aug 2006 (BST)

No, I'm not sure, which is why I unlinked it from the Doc Index page. Once I get my thoughts together and see how much ends up here, I was going to re-investigate where they should go. Having only been learning for a couple of days, I was not familiar with the Reference Library, and did not realize it had that section until after I had created this page.

When I read Reference Library, I did not associate that with tutorials, which is my unfamiliarity with the terminology here. For me, Reference = dry & technical details as opposed to instructional/tutorial articles. So, upon first look, I thought this type of thing was missing from the docs page, and tacked it on, then removed it upon noticing my mistake.

Once I review what I collect here, and confirm its accuracy, I'll find a way to link it into the whole. For now, I believe this page is orphaned, and I am using it as a drafting area. - Spencer 14:25, 9 Aug 2006 (BST)

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