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  • Identifying the key that was pressed in a serverside key handler
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This is a slight extension of Passing HTTP parameters to Ajax callback methods to answer a specific usecase.

Stipulating that you have an element with wicket:id 'body':

From Java code able to access that element within scope:

//...(class declarations)
final static String KEYPRESS_PARAM = "keyPressed";
private void handleA(){}//Desired behavior when 'a' is pressed on the client
private void handleB(){}//Desired behavior when 'b' is pressed on the client
public void someSetupMethod(){
body.add(new AjaxEventBehavior("onkeypress"){
				protected CharSequence getCallbackScript(boolean onlyTargetActivePage)
					return generateCallbackScript("wicketAjaxGet('"+getCallbackUrl(onlyTargetActivePage)+"&"+KEYPRESS_PARAM+"='+wicketKeyCode(event)");
				protected void onEvent(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
					 String paramValue = RequestCycle.get().getRequest().getParameter(KEYPRESS_PARAM);
					 try{//The key parameter is the pressed keychar's ascii value
						 int key = Integer.parseInt(paramValue);
							 case 'a':
							 case 'b':
					 catch(NumberFormatException e){//Catches the possibly null parameter, or malformation.
						 return;//You might handle this a bit more responsibly.
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