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This is a page describing the Apache Wicket release 1.3.0 incubating checkpoint 1. On this page you can read about the different aspects of the release, f.ex the legal aspects and how they are solved.

The release is an internal release only to check that the Apache Wicket team can perform a release within the Apache Incubator and that it has cleared out the legal challenges.

License headers

Correct Apache license headers has been added to every source file, where it makes sense. As it is stated here:

"A file without any degree of creativity in either its literal elements or its structure is not protected by copyright law; therefore, such a file does not require a license header."

But we have also decided not to include license headers in some situations, where they would confuse. This is in tests (mostly .html and .properties files), where it would make the test harder to create and maintain. And it is in our examples projects (again mostly .html and .properties files), where it would confuse the users which is trying to run the example and learn from it.

The files that we don't have license headers in is documented in our automated license header tests (see below).

Automated license header test

We have created a automated unit test which checks all source files for correct/missing license header. We can then choose to ignore some files and document it inside the test if needed. Below is a link the test for each project (NOTE TO SELF: UPDATE WHEN RELEASED):

  1. Wicket -
  2. Wicket Extensions -
  3. Wicket Datetime -
  4. Wicket Spring -
  5. Wicket Spring Annot -
  6. Wicket Auth Roles -
  7. Wicket Examples -
  8. Wicket Spring Examples -
  9. Wicket Spring Annot Examples -
  10. Wicket Auth Roles Examples -


We have run the aRat tool on every release and the result can be seen here. Where warnings has occurred we have documented what we have done in our license header tests and in the NOTICE file when needed.

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