Wicket 1.4-m2 New & Noteworthy

This document serves as a collection of all "new and noteworthy" features in the 1.4-m2 release of Apache Wicket.


OSGi Metadata included

From now on, all releases include OSGi Metadata in the /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file of every subproject (wicket, wicket-extensions, wicket-spring, etc.).



Flexible Configuration

For future flexibility, AutoCompleteTextField can be configured via the new AutoCompleteSettings class.

Show autocomplete list on empty input

The AutoCompleteTextField can now be configured to show the entire list when no input has been entered yet.

Set maximum height of autocomplete list

You can now specify a maximum height via AutoCompleteSettings. If the list is longer than the maximum height, scrollbars are displayed and the user can scroll the list with both the mouse and the keyboard.

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