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Some notes on the Wicket Quickstart, and some alternatives.

They're here, as I don't want to overwrite the Core project, but think that we could do with doing a bit of work on the current QuickStart project, as it seems to me that we're making things harder than they should be, both in terms of requiring the user to download more than they need and in terms of folder organisation...

Anyway, as a suggestion...

  1. Alternative Wicket Quickstart project (335KB).
    • Note: This is not the one you want to download to use as a basis for your own app, but rather this produces the actual quickstart project.
  2. My Wicket Quickstart project (24.7KB).
    • This provides a basis for your own web app and can be run either within an IDE (by running src/test/java/wicket/quickstart/Start) or via 'mvn jetty6:run'
    • You might want to take a look at Wicket-template (21.8KB) in wicket-stuff to see how that compares... - Gwyn 09:57, 5 Oct 2006 (BST)
      • From the README.txt<br>A stripped-down version of Wicket QuickStart, without support jars or Ant support, for those happy to use Maven2 in order to provide a basic framework for either getting started or demonstrating issues.<br>Includes support for the Jetty6 embedded server - use "mvn jetty6:run" <br>Create IDEA project/module files via "mvn idea:idea" and Eclipse files via "mvn eclipse:eclipse".
  3. Qwicket
    • QWicket supports spring and hibernate built with ant.


  • There's no Ant support in this version. (Combination of reasons - but mainly to keep the download size to a minimum and to encourage the use of the IDE-independant Jetty6 plugin as a no-configuration, common run-time environment for when it's used as a issue demonstator.)
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  1. Here is my main issue with QuickStart and the QuickStart docs. I can find no reference in the QuickStart docs that it requires Maven. I don't yet use Maven and the only hint is the pom.xml file. The basic issue is that the QuickStart needs basic general documentation for those who do not happen to be running any of the main IDEs. I happen to use jEdit - I like it.

     It's not so hard to execute the QuickStart from the INCLUDED Ant build file - just need to add an execute target which calls the "java" command.