November 2007 Report


In September we released Xerces-J 2.9.1. This release fixes several bugs which were present in Xerces-J 2.9.0. It also includes a few minor enhancements and performance improvements.

Back on August 30th the W3C published a last call working draft of XML Schema 1.1 Part 1: Structures. Partial support for earlier drafts of XML Schema 1.1 has been available in Xerces-J for several years though only recently has the working group made enough progress on the specification to consider doing a full implementation. We've been soliciting feedback from the community on which features they're most interested in seeing in Xerces-J.


Some good discussion on the mailing list with regards to what the minimum set of platforms would be acceptable to support with the new build system before we can release Xerces-C++ 3.0.0. In addition there has been interest in updating the online docs to forrest. Discussion is still underway as to whether this should be done for 3.0 or for all previous releases.

Boris (who is now a committer) is the release manager for 3.0. Committers have volunteered time around the end of December to finish off the 3.0 release and we are hopeful this will happen in January.


Nothing in particular to report. No development activity.

XML Commons

Several fixes for typographical errors were applied to the JAXP 1.2 and 1.3 Javadocs. The xml-commons-external-1.2.06 (JAXP 1.2) release is still pending. No other activity to report.

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