General Comments

There are no issues that require Board attention.

XML Graphics Commons

No releases, no major changes, just a few improvements and fixes in various components.


One of the three committers has taken a break from Batik development for a few months to finish university studies. This leaves one committer and one active contributor to answer queries on the mailing list. A new release, consolidating bug fixes and small improvements, would be good, but due to lack of committer time, no release was made.


A new release is overdue, but due to lack of committer time, no release was made.

Vincent finished his temporary solution to enable changing page widths in a page sequence. Vincent also finished work to add accessibility to the PDF files created by FOP. This work was started by Jost Klopfstein, and earlier worked on by Jeremias.

Two developers expressed serious interest in participating in FOP's development. One of them was explicitly backed by his company's management, which is a good thing in itself. In the ensuing discussion that company turned out to have expertise in non-Western scripts, which could enhance FOP's coverage of such scripts. We would be very happy if this would give us two new committers.

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