I announced that I will step down as PMC Chair at short notice.

XML Graphics Commons

There has been almost no developer activity. The previous release, version 1.4, was in July 2010. There are no preparations for a new release.


There has been no developer activity. Most but not all questions on the user list are getting answers. The latest release, version 1.7, was in January 2008. A fair amount of fixes have been accumulated since then, but there are no preparations for a new release.


Developer activity has been somewhat low. The user list is as active as ever, and questions are answered actively. The previous release, version 1.0, was in July 2010. The Complex Scripts project has delivered its fifth patch. With this patch the project has realized good functionality which can be presented to FOP's users. After intense discussions about the question whether the Complex Scripts code could be merged into trunk, the merge was approved. FOP has been supported over the past years by a single company. This company paid for the efforts which brought FOP to where it is now. As a consequence, this company now has a dominant presence in the team of committers.

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