GSoC 2010: ZooKeeper Monitoring Recipes and Web-based Administrative Interface

  • Student: Andrei Savu (savu.andrei at gmail dot com)
  • Assigned mentor: Patrick Hunt (phunt at apache dot org)


ZooKeeper is a complex distributed system. Understanding how well it is running is tremendously important. Patrick Hunt has created a Django-based dashboard that allows some insight into how ZooKeeper is running. This is the foundation I'm going to build on. This project would capture much more information from ZooKeeper, adding hooks to retrieve it where necessary and visualize it in an appealing and useful way. I'm also going to provide a bunch of monitoring recipes for systems like: Ganglia, Nagios, Cacti.

Committed to trunk


Community Bonding (starts: 26 April ends: 24 May)


  • read mail lists archives - done
  • read source code- done
  • discuss with the community members (monitoring and administration requirements, production stories) - done
  • discuss with the Adobe Hadoop / Hbase team about their specific monitoring requirements - done

Expected results:

  • understand source code and the known bugs - done
  • understand how the software is used in production - done
    • ZooKeeper is the kind of service that you put in production and forget about it
    • got positive feedback: works as expected "out of the box"
    • monitoring requirements: ensure that it keeps working as expected
  • understand monitoring requirements - done
  • understand debugging requirements - done
  • setup a development environment - done

Monitoring and Data Collection (starts: 24 May ends: 20 June )


  • deploy small scale (multinode) cluster for development (virtual machines) - done
  • identify important health signals add hooks (if needed) for realtime data collection - done
    • added new 4letterword 'mntr' for monitoring - going to be released in zookeeper 3.4.0
    • important signals: latency, packets sent / received, outstanding requests, znode count, watch count, ephemerals count, followers count, synced followers, pending syncs, open file descriptor count
  • create scripts / plugins for cluster monitoring using Cacti, Ganglia, Nagios - done
  • document script install procedures - done (I'm making the assumption the user has previous experience configuring Nagios, Cacti or Ganglia)
  • collaborate with the Adobe Hadoop / Hbase team and deploy the monitoring scripts in production - work in progress

Expected results:

  • production ready scripts / plugins for monitoring - done
  • easy to understand and follow install guides - done

Web Application (starts: 20 June ends: 9 august)


  • package zkpython bindings (distutils, .deb, .rpm) done
  • simple authentication and custom authentication backend based on zookeeper
      • not needed: the web-based application will use the authentication provided by Hue
  • view server, environment and connection info: most of the code already works done
      • I've rewrite all the code in the Hue application
      • The code uses 4letter word commands: 'stat' and 'mntr'
  • znode hierarchy browser done
      • you can navigate and perform simple CRUD operations on znodes
  • deploy on production or development cluster at Adobe (if possible) work in progress
      • this should be pretty easy if Adobe is also using Hue

Expected results:

  • packages for zkpython done
  • working web application done

Cleanup and final fixes (starts: 9 august ends: 16 august)


  • improve tests and documentation done

Submit code to : 30 August

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