The ZooKeeper website is built using Markdown sources. The production website is updated using gitpubsub via the zookeeper.git/asf-site branch. Basic workflow is: modify the site source on the "website" branch and commit it once you are happy with the results, then update the "asf-site" branch with the generated content. Once asf-site is pushed the updates will be reflected on the ZooKeeper production website.

The content source to generate the ZooKeeper website can be found here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/website

The live website is whatever is committed to asf-site, here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/asf-site . Any changed committed to this branch are immediately replicated to the live production website at

Information on running the website generation process can be found in the file on the website branch, similar for managing the asf-site.


The ZooKeeper website build uses Apache Maven and a maven plugin generating HTML from MarkDown sources.

Besides maven you don't have to install anything else.

Steps to update the site:

1. git clone -b website

2. update the appropriate pages, typically a markdown file e.g., etc...

3. mvn clean install

4. cp -RP _released_docs target/html/doc These are the static release docs, not generated in this process.

At this point verify that the generated files render properly (open target/html/index.html in a browser). If you are happy with the results move on to the next step, otherwise go to step 2 above.

5. git status should show modified files for the markdown that you changed

6. git add <the changed files>

7. git commit -m "<appropriate commit message>"

8. git push origin website

The source for the site is committed, now we need to push the generated files to the live site.

9. git checkout asf-site

10. rm -fr content

11. mv target/html content

12. git add content

Verify that content/index.html and other generated files are proper, e.g. open them in a browser

13. git status should show modified files for the markdown that you changed

14. git commit -m "<appropriate commit message>"

15. git push origin asf-site

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