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I am a Cocoon user, developer and a Buddhist.

I've been using Cocoon since August 2002. I have been seeking ways for many years to make web sites easy to maintain for poor and technically illiterate Buddhist organisations. Cocoon helps tremendously in doing this. It separates concerns beautifully, and is vastly superior to any other technology that I have investigated, as a way for developing sites.

Having said that, most of these Buddhist organisations cannot afford a server to host Cocoon. Therefore, I've been working to improve the Cocoon CLI to enable it to be used for off-line site generation in such situations.

I work full time for Nexus Alpha Ltd. My CLI work also has relevance for my employer.

In 2000 I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. This explains my Buddhist name, which I was given on ordination. It is a Sanskrit name, which translates to 'Hero of Means', or, more longwinded, "He who, with great enthusiasm, finds creative ways to help others on the path to Enlightenment". To embody this, I've first got to work out what Enlightenment is!

It can be split into two parts, Upaya (skilful means) and Vira (hero). The best way to describe pronunciation is to say that Upaya rhymes with 'Papaya', and Vira rhymes with 'Clearer'. Some day I may record a WAV file and attach it here. To answer one previous question - I don't have a surname, just a name.

Upayavira 21 May 2003

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