check out

edit community/contributors.htm and add yourself
submit your change

log in to

cd /www/
svn up
chgrp incubator contributors.htm


In case you have a GitHub account

We're now adding committers with GitHub accounts to the Apache GitHub

Note: all this does is let you display your Apache affiliation on your
GitHub profile. Committers WILL NOT be granted write access to the
GitHub organisation, or any of the mirrors it contains. This is for
vanity purposes only! :)

If you want to be added, edit this file:

And add a line like this:

Committer ID: nslater - Name: Noah Slater - GitHub ID:nslater

Please also note: this is a LOW PRIORITY task for the infrastructure
team, so please be patient. You will be added eventually! :)

(You may want to add a note about this to your project's new
committers guide. It's probably also worth mentioning that if you want
your Apache contributions to show up on your GitHub profile, you need
to star the GitHub mirrors you have contributed to.)

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