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DateMay 17, 2021
Issues201 issues


Initial draft of the SystemDS 2.1 release changelog

Important highlights from this release

  1. Federated
  2. Builtins
  3. Native Runtime

All updates for this release


New Feature



  • SYSTEMDS-2975 CLOSED Matrix-Frame conversions failing for large dense blocks
  • SYSTEMDS-2960 CLOSED Codegen: ColVector Operation not considering RowIndex
  • SYSTEMDS-2955 CLOSED Federated binary matrix-vector fails for 1x1 vector
  • SYSTEMDS-2954 CLOSED Cleaning Enumerator fails in Spark context
  • SYSTEMDS-2950 RESOLVED Threads wait forever for a removed entry in the lineage cache
  • SYSTEMDS-2949 CLOSED Function return on same calls
  • SYSTEMDS-2935 CLOSED Eval function loading failing in hyperband-parfor
  • SYSTEMDS-2932 CLOSED Namespace issue in Parfor
  • SYSTEMDS-2929 CLOSED Namespace conflicts - Builtins not loading after importing UDFs with builtins call
  • SYSTEMDS-2928 CLOSED CSV parsing with non-default delimiter
  • SYSTEMDS-2927 OPEN SPOOF memory estimate for exec = singlenode
  • SYSTEMDS-2924 CLOSED Eval() does not support functions from namespaces other than default
  • SYSTEMDS-2920 CLOSED Spark rexpand fails for non-literal max parameters
  • SYSTEMDS-2915 RESOLVED Lost GPUObjects memory leak
  • SYSTEMDS-2907 CLOSED Corrupted memory estimates
  • SYSTEMDS-2888 CLOSED Codegen Cellwise with cbind
  • SYSTEMDS-2868 CLOSED Spark transformencode fails for recode columns w/ spaces
  • SYSTEMDS-2860 CLOSED Native BLAS tsmm fails for vector outer product
  • SYSTEMDS-2859 CLOSED Federated KMeans, LM, L2SVM fail w/ 1 worker
  • SYSTEMDS-2858 RESOLVED Federated pramameterserver scheme isolated argument
  • SYSTEMDS-2855 CLOSED Federated LM Pipeline transfers X to coordinator
  • SYSTEMDS-2823 CLOSED source() command failing while importing UDFs
  • SYSTEMDS-2818 CLOSED Read of multi-block binary matrix fails
  • SYSTEMDS-2816 CLOSED Unnecessary overhead due to incorrect spark broadcast cleanup
  • SYSTEMDS-2814 CLOSED GC Overhead due to invalid Frame Reblock Caching
  • SYSTEMDS-2802 CLOSED parfor-loop is not executed in certain cases when counting backwards
  • SYSTEMDS-2796 CLOSED Federated right indexing indices literals
  • SYSTEMDS-2788 CLOSED Appending matrix to a list not working
  • SYSTEMDS-2759 CLOSED Federated lmCG lacks important rewrites
  • SYSTEMDS-2745 CLOSED Addition assignment (+=) is interpreted as a normal assignment
  • SYSTEMDS-2733 CLOSED Federated Lm pipeline fails w/ index out-of-bounds
  • SYSTEMDS-2715 CLOSED Source functions arguments with default value
  • SYSTEMDS-2711 RESOLVED One Hot encode Python Bug
  • SYSTEMDS-2710 CLOSED GMM fails during IPA due to missing kmeans args
  • SYSTEMDS-2703 CLOSED Reading Matrix CSV
  • SYSTEMDS-2690 RESOLVED Old website is still responding
  • SYSTEMDS-2687 RESOLVED Transpose self matrix multiplication bug
  • SYSTEMDS-2679 CLOSED Creation of rmvar instructions for non existent variables on recompile
  • SYSTEMDS-2509 CLOSED Missing transformencode suport for binning over frames