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This is the home page of the Apache Tapestry wiki space in Confluence. The public home page is the Index page.

From here you can go to

  • Index – the entry page for the auto-generated website
  • Documentation – the documentation main page
  • Sandbox – a sandbox for developing new ideas and testing things out
  • Board Reports – Quarterly reports to the Apache Board

After posting a new blog entry, you should update the following pages, to force the new content to be included:


A quick place to jot down notes on work needed to be done.

  • Use of symbols to define (some) component parameter defaults
  • Update examples r.e. use of Maven Archetype
  • Document ResourceTranslators
  • Discuss PageCatalog page
  • Document that public static fields are also treated as properties
  • Document AlertManager
  • Document 5.4 component fields may be non-private (even public, if final)
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