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  1.  PPMC vote and tally.

  2. During incubation, IPMC vote, for example:

    Conclude and tally the vote on general@ by replying with a final [RESULT][VOTE] <subject>, which can be done after minimal 72h. Check the general@ list for examples on the format and content of such [RESULT][VOTE] emails, for example:

  3. The source distribution at

    needs to be moved (can use svn mv for that) to something like:

  4. Also, the KEYS file needed to verify netbeans distributions needs to be uploaded in the root (netbeans) dist folder there as well:

  5. Finally, the NetBeans website ( needs to provide a download link for the distribution, including (explicitly) links to:


    .e., u
    pdate the website with the release info, as that is required to make it a proper and community-visible release.


Staging Release Candidate


Into a local release directory, $RELEASE, checkout staging area:



$ mkdir -p repos/dist/dev/incubator/netbeans

$ cd repos/dist/dev/incubator/netbeans

$ svn checkout