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  • Plugins are now documented in the Apache Struts 2 Plugin Registry.
  • Annotations: @Result annotation now supports parameters (WW-1575).
  • Ajax Tags: The Autocompleter AJAX tag wraps Dojo's ComboBox and supports remote, static, and JSON content.
  • Spring Plugin: Integrate Spring with your application using a plugin (WW-1499). Or, if you prefer, use the Plexus Plugin instead.
  • File Uploading Explore multiple file uploading through our new Showcase example (WW-1479).
  • Action tag: Eliminate unwanted exceptions with the new flush attribute (WW-1472).
  • Checkboxlist tag: Use Maps with CheckboxList (WW-1471).
  • Roles Interceptor: Integrate JAAS with a new interceptor - now on the default stack (WW-1469).
  • Localized Links: Use the new key attribute to streamline link markup (WW-1458).
  • Constant Configuration: Override factory default settings from any XML configurtion document, including web.xml! (WW-1421).
  • Action Class Ref: Configure a custom default Action for any package to use instead of ActionSupport (WW-1420).
  • Struts Maven Archetypes The standard archetype includes sample code from the Bootstrap tutorial {WW-1412).
  • Direct Results: Create a custom Result Type directly from an Action class (WW-1393).