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If you think you found a bug, readread this page this page.


  1. I have a bug, what do I do?
  2. Why does feature ABC work in Servlet Container XYZ but not in Tomcat?
  3. I submitted a bug, why is it ignored?
  4. What does it mean to contact the user list?


Unless you have the source code reference in Tomcat which is wrong, it may not be a bug. E-mail the Tomcat user list and confirm its a bug. Also read this first from the tomcat site about reporting a bug.


If you are reading this - you were probably instructed to contact the user list for help. Bugzilla is not a support forum. Bugzilla is intended to fix "real bugs" in Tomcat. It is not intended to help you diagnose errors you are experiencing. The outcome of a diagnosis can be a new bug in Bugzilla. Configuration questions do not belong in Bugzilla. See Tomcat User for what the Tomcat User list is.