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Welcome to the Tomcat FAQ. As you dive into the FAQ, we suggest you also try the following:

  • Read the docs. Most answers are already documented.
  • Know the Specifications. Many answers are not documented by the Tomcat team since they are generic and already defined by the specs. Know the specs, they let you ensure your webapps are portable across different servlet containers.
  • Please do some research. Use a search engine. It is frustrating to see questions which can be answered with a simple Google search (or your favorite search engine).
  • Browse or search our mailing lists.

Table of Contents


  • Bugs - What to do when you believe you have a bug or there is a difference in behavior with another servlet container.
  • Character Encoding - How to handle non-standard characters.
  • Class Not Found - What to do with Class Not Found errors.
  • Clustering - Cluster and clustering related questions
  • Connectors - You want to connect tomcat to Apache, IIS, or have questions about tomcat-standalone.
  • Database - Getting tomcat to talk to a database.
  • Deployment - Questions related to web application deployment.
  • Developing - Various IDE integration questions.
  • FDA Validation - Questions related to running Tomcat in an FDA validated environment.
  • How To - Miscellaneous common how to's.
  • Known Issues - Known issues
  • Linux / Unix - Common questions for Linux / Unix related platforms.
  • Logging - Common questions related to logging in Tomcat.
  • Memory - Common memory related questions.
  • Meta - About Tomcat and this FAQ.
  • Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous questions that weren't categorized.
  • Monitoring - Tips on Monitoring a running Tomcat instance.
  • Other Operating Systems - Information about scripts and support for other operating systems.
  • Other Resources - A lot of links to tomcat related documentation and experiences.
  • Performance & Monitoring - Performance & Monitoring questions.
  • Security - Common security issues.
  • Specifications - A reference page that provides links to specifications, implemented by Apache Tomcat.
  • Tomcat User - More information about the tomcat-user mailing list.
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics - Tools and techniques for diagnosing problems.
  • Version - About the different tomcat versions.
  • WebDav - Questions on using Tomcat Webdav servlet.
  • Windows - Common Windows questions.