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This wiki site is used for discussion of topics associated with the commons-cli project whose home page is


Wiki MarkupCLI Release 2.0 is currently only available via snapshot from SVN. However here is a sample application to wet your appetites. \["../CLI2/SampleApplication"\]



Release 2.0 - Update

CLI2 has been moved to the sandbox and becomes a separate project. Contributions are welcome!


The old 1.0 jar was renamed to commons-cli-20040117.000000.jar and a correct commons-cli-1.0.jar put in place.



  • Wiki Markup\[ Extend the JDK Classes with Jakarta Commons, Part III\] - Explore Jakarta Commons components that enable you to parse arguments in a command-line application, connect to various file systems at the same time, allow an application to uniformly access configurations loaded from various sources, and pool any object.