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SpamAssassin Apache Voting Procedure

Wiki MarkupWe follow the \[ Apache Voting Procedure\], with the below modifications.

Binding and Non-binding Votes


For code modifications, patches, and R-T-C changes to svn, committers have the binding votes. However, for "ready to release" and project-procedural ASF votes, votes must come from PMC members to be considered binding.

Wiki Markup_(Note: previously committers could vote for releases, but this has had to be changed, due to ASF regulations. While \[ the Apache Voting\] page is a little unclear on the subject, discussion on the 'legal-discuss' list has made it clear that it is part of the ASF's bylaws that PMCs, and only PMCs, can direct this action. See \[ this message\] for example.)_

Votes For Code Modifications