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This plugin got marked as deprecated since Struts 2.5.11!


The SiteGraph plugin


generates graphical diagrams representing the flow of your web application



Additional information can be found in the JavaDocs:

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Understanding the Output

There are several key things to notice when looking at the output from SiteGraph:


Code Block
java -cp ... -jar struts2-sitegraph-plugin-x.x.x.jar
     -config CONFIG_DIR
     -views VIEWS_DIRS
     -output OUTPUT
     [-ns NAMESPACE]


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You must either supply the correct classpath when invoking the SiteGraph tool or place the Sitegraph plugin in the same directory as the dependent jars. Specifically, the XWork jar, Struts jar, and their dependencies must be included in the classpath. Futhermore, you must also include your Action class files referenced in struts.xml. Without the proper class path entries, SiteGraph will not function properly.


Some advanced users may wish to execute SiteGraph from within their application - this could be required if you are developing an application that supports plugin capabilities. This can easily be done. See the JavaDocs for more info:

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The command line version of SiteGraph does exactly this (except for overriding the Writer):
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This plugin doesn't allow for any global settings.