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  • At Uniting Data we deliver on a promise of fast, green Big data analytics leveraging the potential of the multicore clusters and providing tight integration with HPC solutions. Uniting Data Platform is a 100% open source Hadoop distribution based on the Apache Bigtop. We also offer our enterprise customers a family of services including technical training, architectural services and technical support.
  • At Red Hat, our work on the GlusterFS Hadoop project was leveraged leverages Apache BigTop's easily consumed big data distribution and smoke tests.  This allows Different than other hadoop distributions which may bias towards a particular architecture and implementation : the transparent materials used to build the BigTop product allow us to validate, install, deploy, and test cutting edge hadoop related technology, and modify it in ways that satisfy our inner curiosities - in a manner that is synergistic with community oriented innovation. 
  • WANdisco is a committed member & sponsor of the Apache Software community and has active committers on several project including
    Apache Hadoop. WANdisco provides:
    WANdisco Distro (WDD): a fully tested, 100% open source production-ready platform powered by Apache Hadoop 2.
    Apache Hadoop Support: support for Apache Hadoop for both end users and technology vendors.
    WANdisco Non-Stop NameNode: WANdisco's patented replication technology turns the NameNode into an active-active shared-nothing cluster that delivers optimum performance, scalability and availability on a 24-by-7 basis without any downtime or data loss.
    WANdisco Hadoop Console: a comprehensive wizard-driven management dashboard that enables any Linux administrator to fully deploy, manage and monitor a Hadoop big data implementation without HBase or HDFS expertise.
    WANdisco S3-HDFS: Supports migration from Amazon to private in-house clouds.