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Testing way




1Accessibility support (iAccessibiltiy2 support to improve the usability)New Feature

Test with ACC checklist based on BVT scenarios

Create and execute test cases in Teslink,

Liu Ping TanDone 

Patch Mechanism in Windows

New Feature






AOO Security Features without Mozilla






Icon update






In-place editing of Input Fields


I am working on a solution for issue 33737 [1] and I am making good progress.
I have started the documentation of the solution in our wiki - please have a look at It should be almost complete - may be I have forgotten the one or the other which will follow when I get notice of its missing.
If you are interested in this area, please have a look and provide feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Liu Ping Tan


Integrating OOXML enhancement from the OSBA patch

New Feature






use case 4 - comments/annotations on text ranges

Yu Zhen FanIn Progress 

genLang / New translation workflow


No test from QA

 / central Makefile instead of


No test from QA





Mac / 64bit OSX Support






new MacOS Mavericks OS Support


Repeat basic functional test




1Existing functions in 3 Apps (FVT)Legacy FeatureExecute test cases in Teslink, In Progress 

Create test documents in OOXML format


Create test cases in Testlink

Upload test documents to svn

Yu Zhen Fan

Liu Ping Tan

Jing Long Wu

In Progress 

Presentation template validation

Legacy Feature

1. Import a template to AOO to see if it displays well without any mess

2. Create a new presentation with this template in AOO to see if it works

3. Apply this template to an existing presentation in AOO to see if it work

(pay particular attention to the Styles and check how they are applied in the templates, particularly with paragraph, bullets, numbering etc.)

Yu Zhen FanIn Progress 

Develop manual test cases for Base

EnhancementCreate test cases in TestlinkYu Zhen Fan and VolunteersIn Progress 

Get more people who have interest to be familiar with the test automation

N/ADocument test guidanceLiu Ping Tan and VolunteersIn Progress