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DateVersion number
Aug 2016Apache CarbonData 0.1.0-incubating
Sep 2016Apache CarbonData 0.1.1-incubating
Nov 2016Apache CarbonData 0.2.0-incubating
Jan 2017Apache CarbonData 1.0.0-incubating
May 2017Apache CarbonData 1.1.0
Aug-Sep 2017Apache CarbonData 1.2.0
Jan-Feb 2018Apache CarbonData 1.3.0
Mar 2018Apache CarbonData 1.3.1
May 2018Apache CarbonData 1.4.0
Aug 2018Apache CarbonData 1.4.1
Oct 2018Apache CarbonData 1.5.0
Dec 2018Apache CarbonData 1.5.1
Jan 2019Apache CarbonData 1.5.2
Mar 2019Apache CarbonData 1.5.3
May 2019Apache CarbonData 1.5.4
Aug 2019Apache CarbonData 1.6.0
Oct 2019Apache CarbonData 1.6.1
May 2020

Apache CarbonData 2.0.0

Jun 2020Apache CarbonData 2.0.1
Nov 2020Apache CarbonData 2.1.0
Mar 2021Apache CarbonData 2.1.1
Aug 2021Apache CarbonData 2.2.0
Jan 2022Apache CarbonData 2.3.0

Road map plan:


  • Support 2.1 integration in CarbonData
  • Remove kettle, support new data load solution
  • Support data update and delete SQL in Spark 1.6


  • Support Add, Drop and rename column support for the complex column
  • Spark-3.1 support
  • Secondary Index Support for Presto
  • CDC Performance improvement
  • Local sort Partition Load and Compaction improvement
  • Geo Spatial Query enhancements
  • Improve table status and metadata writing


  • Support spatial index creation using data frame
  •  Introduce Streamer tool for Carbondata
  • Upgrade prestosql to 333 version
  • Multi-level complex schema support
  • Support for Dynamic Partition Pruning

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