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  1. Make sure HAWQ compilation and installation success.

  2. Check if is installed into HAWQ execution directory.  If not, you can execute "make ;make install" in contrib/vexecutor directory to install it.

  3. Add library name "vexectorvexecutor" to "shared_preload_libraries" in postgresql.conf which has to copies allocated in master and segment data directories respectively. Make sure both of them is assigned. (E.g. postgresql.conf: shared_preload_libraries = 'vexectorvexecutor')

  4. Restart HAWQ cluster

  5. Execute "create_udv.sql" with psql. then some vectorized data types and vectorized aggregate functions will be add to HAWQ.

  6. How to remove Vectorized Execution: 

    • Delete metadata by executing "clean_udv.sql" in psql.
    • Remove 'vexectorvexecutor' from shared_preload_libraries in postgresql.conf
    • Restart HAWQ cluster