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... Documentation for CloudStack is currently split across three separate repositories, which are maintained over three unconnected projects in the Read The Docs service. is the install guide is the current admin manual. is the release notes for individual releases

What and Why Documentation


Rather than an instruction, read the docs is a service which publishes versioned documentation.  It is linked to the cloudstack Github documentation repositories, and will build the documentation in the form seen at '' from the source 'text' which we commit to Github.  Read the docs applies a theme to the source text, as well as generating navigation menus for viewers of the site.


These are referenced in the source text as |version| and |release|.  Updating these in the should update the vast majority of references to versions/releases in the compiled docs.

Global Substitutions

In the route the root of the documentation source, there is a file called _global.rst.  This file is referred to in and is appended to every page automatically by Sphinx.  There is no need to explicitly include this file in the source pages.