Ozone is an experimental space where we can try out new solutions without breaking Hdfs/Yarn compatibility. But after a while stable features can be moved back to hadoop-common/hdfs projects. This pages collects the possible candidates:

HDDS JiraHadoop JiraDesc
Full classpath separation for each deamon
manyHADOOP-16063Provide docker-compose based pseudo cluster definition for Hdfs/Yarn clusters
Provide robotframework based smoke tests to make it easier to test releases/patches
Standard servlet to publish HadoopMetrics in Prometheus format
Use picocli for command line parsing. We started to use and it provides better command line parsing and better user experience.
HDDS-1150HADOOP-15566Started to use opentracing for distributed tracing. This is like a POC as this was one of the suggested option in the HADOOP jira. It can help to decide the best option for hadoop common.
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