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Common Configuration for all Tomcat versions


Note: If you re-run the TCK you must stop Tomcat, empty the work directory and then restart Tomcat. This is because the TCK assumes it is running for the first time and a number of tests check various compilation activities.

Tomcat 9.0.x

None required (clean 9.0.x build).

Tomcat 10.0.x

Remove the request-character-encoding and response-character-encoding settings from conf/web.xml (the JSP TCK has one test that depends on the default encoding).

Test Suite

Download one of the following:

Extract to JSP_TCK_HOME

Edit $JSP_HOME/bin/ts.jte

You'll need to set the following properties (adjust the paths and values for your environment)






cd $JSP_TCK_HOME/bin
ant gui
Accept the defaults and then run the tests

Expected results

A default 9.0.x build with the above configuration passes the Jakarta EE 8 JSP TCK.

A default 10.0.x build with the above configuration passes the Jakarta EE 9 JSP TCK with the following JREs:

  • Adopt OpenJDK 8u275 b01
  • Adopt OpenJDK 11.0.9 b11 (TCK and Tomcat)

Fixed bugs

The Apache Tomcat project has reported the following bugs to the Eclipse Jakarta EE TCK project which have since been fixed.

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  1. No failures for me using the config I was using for Servlets, except the sig test. Need to verify and document of course.

  2. Same results with a clean Tomcat build (no config). I think there is a TCK bug with the standalone TCK and the sig test. Investigating...