There are different update centers, referencing different kinds of NBM files, each has different factors to consider per release in relation to needing to be changed or upgraded.

NetBeans DistributionContains NBMs of all modules in the build.{$netbeans.hash.code}

This update center is needed because...

The $netbeans.hash.code means...

NetBeans Plugin PortalContains NBMs of the Plugin Portal. is a redirect for this because...
8.2 Plugin PortalContains NBMs for 8.2, e.g., C/C++ features. it but 'disabled', until C/C++ becomes standard part of Apache NetBeans, to simplify installation of C/C++ features.
3rd Party Libraries

Contains the signed
binaries of JavaFX libraries, exclude these and the result will be:  NETBEANS-2132 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

From: Apache NetBeans Release README:

Once release is synchronized across all download mirrors it is necessary to update redirect for release modules to final location:

  1. Login to NetBeans virtual machine where redirect is configured: ssh <your_apache_id>
  2. Become root using e.g. OTP MD5 online encryption: sudo /bin/bash

    sudo /bin/bash
    cd /var/www/html/uc/
    mkdir 11.0
    cd 11.0/
    curl -o updates.xml.gz
    echo ' RedirectMatch ^/uc/11.0/(.*)(\?.*)?$$1' > .htaccess
    # Update the previous version UC 
    cd ../10.0/
    echo 'RedirectMatch ^/uc/10.0/(.*)(\?.*)?$$1' > .htaccess
    vim updates.xml.gz
  3. Modify updates.xml.gz file of previous release to contain:

    <notification url="">Apache NetBeans IDE 11.0 is available!</notification>

      element in its <module_updates> root element.

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