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In many use cases it is required to drop a few specific Kafka headers but a set of headers whose names can also dynamically change (e.g. when used with some end-to-end-encryption libraries, tracing etc.). To prevent those headers following a special pattern (which for example may or may not comply with downstream system format) to be further forwarded/processed downstream (e.g.header forwarding in HTTP Sinks), this KIP proposes to add a wildcard/regexp matching feature to the DropHeaders Transform.

Public Interfaces

It is proposed to add new configuration is to the SMT org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.DropHeaders to allow regexp-based matching of headers to be dropped:

Name: headers.patterns

Description:List of regular expressions to match of the headers to be removed.

Type: String (List)

Default: "$^" (match empty)

Proposed Changes

It is proposed to use regexp-matchers inside the apply method in addition to a set-based contains (existing implementation).

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

If the functionality is added with regexp-matching in addition to the existing implementation, no breaking will be done, no migration is required as the additional feature comes with a standalone configuration option

Rejected Alternatives


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