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  • Board Report (2012-01)
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Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to
centrally manage and distribute modular software components,
configuration data and other artifacts to OSGi based and related target

This board report is the first one since ACE graduated as a TLP.

 * December 11th, 2011: ACE 0.8.1-incubator

 * Several ACE committers were present at ApacheCon NA 2011 and we had
   multiple talks/training sessions.
 * We are structuring the community after the graduation (PMCs, PMC
   Chair definition).
 * Some informal discussions started during the ApacheCon in order to
   identify relationship between ACE and others projects (Karaf (already
   started), Archiva, Whirr, etc).
 * We are now focusing on the first TLP release.
 * Work on the resources (website, documentation, etc) will start soon
   to promote ACE as a TLP and give more information to the users.

Changes in committers/PMC members:
 * None so far after establishing the project as a TLP.

Committer/PMC diversity:
 * No concerns, our PMC of 8 has 6 different unique organizations.

Branding/naming issues:
 * No issues.
 * As part of the website migration, we will double check
 * Discussing the design of a "Powered by Apache ACE" logo.

Legal issues:
 * None.

Infrastructure issues/needs:
 * Working with infra to migrate everything, going well: