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  • User Groups supporting Apache Flex (49 and counting)
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Below is a list of the active Flex user groups (world-wide) interested in supporting Apache Flex.

NOTE: This list is a work in progress - if your user group is not listed below please contact Keith Sutton:

Asia Pacific


airia - China (Nanjing , Beijing , Shanghai , Hefei)

Adobe Platform Users Group Sydney

Melbourne Adobe Developers

Hong Kong Adobe Flex and AIR User Group

Adobe Jaipur User Group

FXUG Japan

Flex User Group Philippines



Apache Flex User Group Bulgaria

Adobe User Group Armenia

Croatian FlasHR UG (formerly  ZgFlex)

Flex London User Group

Tontons Flexeurs

Flash Kiez

Rome Flex User Group

Made in Flex

North America


Vancouver Flash Platform Meetup Group

Dallas Flex User Group

Arizona Flash Platform User Group

Atlanta Flex User Group

Austin Flex UG

Bay Area Application Developers Adobe User Group

Boston Flex User Group

Capital Area Mobile User Group

Chicago Adobe Developers

Hawaii Flash User Group

Houston Adobe Users Group

HTML5-Flash Organization


L.A. Enterprise UI

LA Flash

Las Vegas Flash User Group

Michigan ActionScript UG

New York Flex Meetup

NewVA Adobe User Group

OC Flex

RIA Indy

Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group

San Diego Adobe Developers User Group

San Diego Flash User Group

Seattle Flash User Group

Seattle Web App Developers Group

Silicon Valley Flex User Group


Central and South America



Flex-Brasil Mobile Group

Argentina RIA & Flex UG

FlexDuck Adobe User Group

RIActive Mexico Adobe User Group

Comunidad AdobeXpert


  1. suggest adding the group (Boston, North America)

  2. Anonymous

    airia is a flex User Groups in China. You can visit the website .

    Basic situation:
    Established in 2007;
    More than 100,000 users;
    Organize activities : Nanjing , Beijing , Shanghai , Hefei

    Thank you for what you have done!

  3. Please add Chennai, India Flex User Group

    Adobe page

    I doubt if this page can be bookmarked when the "(51+and+counting)" is in the URL. Make it as:

  4. Please add Inland Northwest Multimedia User Group (INMUG, Spokane, WA) and Fort Collins Flex User Group (FortFUG).