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  • Board Report (2012-03)
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Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to
centrally manage and distribute modular software components,
configuration data and other artifacts to OSGi based and related target

This board report is the third one since ACE graduated as a TLP.

* December 11th, 2011: ACE 0.8.1-incubator

 * We migrated the website and documentation to the Apache CMS.
   Actions are still in progress around this topic.
 * A press release announcing the graduation as TLP has been sent
   on Monday, February 27th.
 * A launch party was organized in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands on
   March, 1st. All people involved in ACE were invited.
 * Jan Willem Janssen donated a multi-process launcher, which we
   are reviewing.
 * We are now working towards the first TLP release.

Changes in committers/PMC members:
 * None so far.

Committer/PMC diversity:
 * No concerns, our PMC of 8 has 6 different unique organizations.

Branding/naming issues:
 * No issues.

Legal issues:
 * None.