1. Updated Java Build Prerequisites ( SLING-11842 - Getting issue details... STATUS and SLING-12080 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Parent 60 requires Java 11 while Sling Bundle Parent 60+ requires Java 17, therefore add an according Sling module descriptor to only run CI builds with Java 17+ (if using sling-bundle-parent) (by default the build is executed with 11, 17 and 21)
  2. Enforced code formatting with spotless-maven-plugin ( SLING-12186 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Add a dedicated(!) commit after the actual parent update with only the formatting changes (applied via mvn spotless:apply ) and afterwards ignore that commit in blame automatically by adding its SHA1 to a file named .git-blame-ignore-revs. This file is automatically considered in GitHubs blame view and optionally considered for a local git CLI blame. Note though that this only works well for non-reordering formatting changes. For reordered lines in pom.xml it will emit wrong blame information per line. To temporarily disable the formatting check use -Dspotless.check.skip=true.
  3. Default target bytecode version increased to Java 11 ( SLING-11842 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Either downgrade the bytecode version to Java 8 with property sling.java.version or at least bump the minor version segment of the to be released module (and mention the Java 11 runtime requirement in JIRA)

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