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Relevant changes

Role provisioning

Role provisioning (provided by SYNCOPE-172 and related) changed the way how the schema mapping is stored by removing the SchemaMapping table and introducing the following new tables:

  • UMapping
  • UMappingItem
  • RMapping
  • RMappingItem

Changes in the REST interface

More details in the dedicated page.

MD5 not supported any more

SYNCOPE-51 removed MD5 from supported password cipher algorithm.

This means that:

  1. password.cipher.algorithm must be set to something different (say SHA1) in SyncopeConf table
  2. any row in SyncopeUser table with cipherAlgorithm=MD5 must be set to something different (say SHA1); moreover, all users must change their own password

Quartz upgraded to 2.1.X

Syncope now features the latest version of Quartz (as per SYNCOPE-93).

Remove any QRTZ_* table from the database: such tables will be re-created at next startup.

New mandatory conf param 'notificationjob.cronExpression'

As per SYNCOPE-216, you can specify when the NotificationJob will run.

Add a row to SyncopeConf table with key = notificationjob.cronExpression and your chosen cron expression as value.

Reference and some examples of cron expressions are provided in Quartz website.

Changes in Task table

  • SYNCOPE-144 introduced two additional columns in Task table:
  • Change any value from org.apache.syncope.core.scheduling.SyncJob to org.apache.syncope.core.sync.SyncJob of the jobClassName column

Moreover, SYNCOPE-186 renamed jobActionsClassName to actionsClassName

Changes in SyncopeRole table

SYNCOPE-225 introduced three additional columns in SyncopeRole table:

Changes in ConnInstance table

SYNCOPE-279 introduced an additional column in ConnInstance table:

Changes in ExternalResource table

  • ExternalResource.forceMandatoryConstraint renamed as ExternalResource.enforceMandatoryCondition
  • ExternalResource has now an additional column

Changes in Entitlement table

  • SYNCOPE-319 introduced the new CONNECTOR_RELOAD entitlement

Suggested procedure

Make the TODO tab empty

  1. Approve or reject any pending approval
  2. Manage any pending user request


Make full backup of

  1. the internal storage
  2. your 1.0.X project's (the one created from archetype) sources
  3. configured bundles and logs directories

The new 1.1.X project

  1. create a new 1.1.X project
  2. copy any existing Java class you have developed for the former 1.0.X project and make necessary adaptations
  3. include any connector bundle you might have added in the former 1.0.X project
  4. configure the internal storage as done for the former 1.0.X project

Build, deploy and run

This first run will barely upgrade the existing SQL schema in the internal storage: you will notice many exceptions in the logs files, just ignore.

Once the core application has started (check this from the log files), stop the JEE container.

Perform custom SQL upgrade

At this point you need to manually perform some SQL changes according to the description above.

An example of such changes is reported in the attached sample for MySQL: the set of SQL statements you need to run vary depending on the DBMS used for internal storage.

Enable ContentUpgrader

In core/src/main/resources/syncopeContext.xml add

Enable SyncopeMD5FallbackAuthenticationProvider

If some of existing users have MD5 passwords and you want them being able to log in without prior changing their password, modify in core/src/main/resources/securityContext.xml


Once all of your users have changed their password, you can restore the original configuration.

SyncopeMD5FallbackAuthenticationProvider can also be taken as reference to implement more sophisticated handling of existing MD5 passwords.

Build, deploy and run

This second run should succeed without logging any exception.

You should now have full access to all Syncope features.

Stop the JEE container

Disable ContentUpgrader

In core/src/main/resources/syncopeContext.xml remove

Build, deploy and run

This final run can be considered as definitive: only, if you configured SyncopeMD5FallbackAuthenticationProvider or similar, consider planning its removal in the near future, maybe once all users have changed their password.

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