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Articles and Blogs About Curator

Zookeeper + Curator = Distributed Sync

An application developed for one of my recent projects at TouK involved multiple servers. There was a requirement to ensure failover for the system’s components. Since I had already a few separate components I didn’t want to add more of that, and since there already was a Zookeeper ensemble running - required by one of the services, I’ve decided to go that way with my solution.

Bon appétit: hungry for easier Hadoop coordination?

Apache ZooKeeper is an invaluable tool for distributed coordination. However, when I began working for Netflix, I found a lot of interest in ZooKeeper but not a lot of experience. A few trials had been done but none of them made it out of the testing sandbox. For that reason, Curator was initially conceived as a way to make ZooKeeper easier to use for non-experts.

Adventures in Clustering - part 1

Configuring the Cluster Component

Curator Framework: Reducing the Complexity of Building Distributed Systems

Dataweek Keynote: Large Scale Search, Discovery and Analysis in Action (Slides 23/24)

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide - 3rd Edition (page 522)

Introduction to ZooKeeper - TriHUG May 22, 2012

Leader Electon, Curator and Embedded ZK

Lesson in Distributed Computing with Apache ZooKeeper (German)

Netflix Curator for Zookeeper

Software Developer's Journal - Hadoop Issue

Stay in sync with Apache Zookeeper

Using Netflix Curator for Service Discovery

Zookeeper, Netflix Curator and ACLs

Apache ZooKeeper Made Simpler with Curator (Thanks, Netflix!)

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