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  • Lucene.Net 3.0.3
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Preliminary Release Notes (Sept 15, 2012):


  • LUCENENET-54 - ArgumentOurOfRangeException caused by SF.Snowball.Ext.DanishStemmer
  • LUCENENET-420 - String.StartsWith has culture in it.
  • LUCENENET-423 - QueryParser differences between Java and .NET when parsing range queries involving dates
  • LUCENENET-445 - Lucene.Net.Index.TestIndexWriter.TestFutureCommit() Fails
  • LUCENENET-464 - The Lucene.Net.FastVectorHighligher.dll of the latest release 2.9.4 breaks any ASP.NET application
  • LUCENENET-472 - Operator == on Parameter does not check for null arguments
  • LUCENENET-473 - Fix linefeeds in more than 600 files
  • LUCENENET-474 - Missing License Headers in trunk after 3.0.3 merge
  • LUCENENET-475 - DanishStemmer doesn't work.
  • LUCENENET-476 - ScoreDocs in TopDocs is ambiguos when using Visual Basic .Net
  • LUCENENET-477 - NullReferenceException in ThreadLocal when Lucene.Net compiled for .Net 2.0
  • LUCENENET-478 - Parts of QueryParser are outdated or weren't previously ported correctly
  • LUCENENET-479 - QueryParser.SetEnablePositionIncrements(false) doesn't work
  • LUCENENET-483 - Spatial Search skipping records when one location is close to origin, another one is away and radius is wider
  • LUCENENET-484 - Some possibly major tests intermittently fail
  • LUCENENET-485 - IndexOutOfRangeException in FrenchStemmer
  • LUCENENET-490 - QueryParser is culture-sensitive
  • LUCENENET-493 - Make culture insensitive (like the java version)
  • LUCENENET-494 - Port error in FieldCacheRangeFilter
  • LUCENENET-495 - Use of DateTime.Now causes huge amount of System.Globalization.DaylightTime object allocations
  • LUCENENET-500 - Lucene fails to run in medium trust ASP.NET Application


New Feature

  • LUCENENET-463 - Would like to be able to use a SimpleSpanFragmenter for extrcting whole sentances
  • LUCENENET-481 - Port Contrib.MemoryIndex


  • LUCENENET-446 - Make Lucene.Net CLS Compliant
  • LUCENENET-471 - Remove Package.html and Overview.html artifacts
  • LUCENENET-480 - Investigate what needs to happen to make both .NET 3.5 and 4.0 builds possible
  • LUCENENET-487 - Remove Obsolete Members, Fields that are marked as obsolete and to be removed in 3.0
  • LUCENENET-503 - Update binary names


  • LUCENENET-468 - Implement the Dispose pattern properly in classes with Close
  • LUCENENET-470 - Change Getxxx() and Setxxx() methods to .NET Properties


Lucene.Net 3.0.3 ToDo Items:

3.0.3 Java Tag

Ensure that the following are applied, 3.0.3 was branched before these were applied to 2.9.4


Lucene Issues in Jira

  • LUCENE-2277 QueryNodeImpl throws ConcurrentModificationException on add(List<QueryNode>)
  • LUCENE-2782 Possible rare thread hazard in IW.commit
  • LUCENE-2513 IndexReader overwrites future commits when you open it on a past commit
  • LUCENE-2593 disk full can cause index corruption in certain cases
  • LUCENE-2773 Don't create compound file for large segments by default
  • LUCENE-2730 intermittent deadlock in TestAtomicUpdate,TestIndexWriterExceptions
  • LUCENE-2620 Queries with too many asterisks causing 100% CPU usage
  • LUCENE-2767 Missing sync in IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[])
  • LUCENE-2284 MatchAllDocsQueryNode toString() creates invalid XML-Tag
  • LUCENE-2533 FileSwitchDirectory should uniqueify the String file names returned by listAll
  • LUCENE-2658 TestIndexWriterExceptions random failure: AIOOBE in ByteBlockPool.allocSlice
  • LUCENE-2744 CheckIndex overstates how many fields have norms enabled
  • LUCENE-2759 We should never open an IndexInput when an IndexOutput is still open
  • LUCENE-2776 indexwriter creates unwanted termvector info
  • LUCENE-2536 Rollback doesn't preserve integrity of original index
  • LUCENE-2549 TimeLimitingCollector's TimeExceededException contains useless relative docid
  • LUCENE-2627 MMapDirectory chunking is buggy
  • LUCENE-2689 remove NativeFSLockFactory's attempt to acquire a test lock
  • LUCENE-2688 NativeFSLockFactory throws an exception on Android 2.2 platform as package is not available on android.
  • LUCENE-2732 Fix charset problems in XML loading in HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter (also Solr's loader from schema)
  • LUCENE-2055 Fix buggy stemmers and Remove duplicate analysis functionality
  • LUCENE-2653 ThaiAnalyzer assumes things about your jre
  • LUCENE-2239 Revise NIOFSDirectory and its usage due to NIO limitations on Thread.interrupt
  • LUCENE-2384 LUCENE-2074Reset zzBuffer in StandardTokenizerImpl* when lexer is reset.
  • LUCENE-2541 NumericRangeQuery errors with endpoints near long min and max values
  • LUCENE-2618 Intermittent failure in TestThreadedOptimize
  • LUCENE-2634 IndexReader.isCurrent() lies if documents were only removed by latest commit
  • LUCENE-2762 Don't leak deleted open file handles with pooled readers
  • LUCENE-2216 OpenBitSet#hashCode() may return false for identical sets.
  • LUCENE-2142 FieldCache.getStringIndex should not throw exception if term count exceeds doc count
  • LUCENE-2556 (Char)TermAttribute cloning memory consumption
  • LUCENE-2365 Finding Newest Segment In Empty Index
  • LUCENE-2249 ParallelMultiSearcher should shut down thread pool on close
  • LUCENE-2235 implement PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper.getOffsetGap
  • LUCENE-2098 make BaseCharFilter more efficient in performance
  • LUCENE-2278 FastVectorHighlighter: highlighted term is out of alignment in multi-valued NOT_ANALYZED field
  • LUCENE-2328 IndexWriter.synced field accumulates data leading to a Memory Leak
  • LUCENE-2398 Improve tests to work easier from IDEs
  • LUCENE-2616 FastVectorHighlighter: out of alignment when the first value is empty in multiValued field
  • LUCENE-2524 when many query clases are specified in boolean or dismax query, highlighted terms are always "yellow" if multi-colored feature is used


Needs to be Ported

  • make sure DistributedSearch builds and tests pass
  • Port Similarity
  • Port SpellChecker
  • Port WordNet
  • (optional) Port other contrib packages from java (some can't be easily


  • Contrib.Analyzers
  • Contrib.FastVectorHighlighter
  • Contrib.Queries
  • Contrib.Regex (there's an issue with one of the tests, it's been marked
    as ignored, has to do with a differences in the regex engines)
  • Contrib.Snowball
  • Contrib.Core/Contrib.SimpleFacetedSearch builds but looks to be .NET specific
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