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Proxy Server Resource Provider

Status: DRAFT
Created: 10. January 2014
Author: fmeschbe
Issue: ---


  • Request Forwarding
  • Pluggable Transport Protocol proxying: Requests to Sling are always HTTP based; proxied requests may be HTTP, FTP, or others.
  • Pluggable Request and Response translation: Input requests can be translated to SOAP requests with responses translated back according to expected formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Request URL mapping to proxied request URL (e.g. using URL templates)
  • Configuration defined in the repository for ResourceProvider services:
    • Resource Type indicating Proxy root; e.g. sling:resourceType = proxy
    • Proxy URL; e.g. proxyUrl=
    • etc
  • ProxyResourceProvider controller registers ResourceProvider services based on the proxy configurations with the respective root addresses.
  • Example: ResourceProvider registered at /proxy
    • proxyUtl=
    • Map /proxy.html ==>
    • Map /proxy/foo.html ==>
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